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Over 1 Million Refinished Bathrooms 

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Save Money

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Save the Environment


It’s All In The Finish

 Luxurious, Bright and Glossy 


Photos Don't Show The True Beauty of Our of Finish


Poor Workmanship and Inferior Products Cause Peeling

Don't Let This Be Your Bathtub


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Shower Base Resurfacing

Clawfoot Tub Resurfacing

Chip Repairs

Sink Refinishing

Why Mend A Bath International?

The Stats

44 Years

Proven Track Record. 

We've learned a thing or two.

Guaranteed Workmanship

5 Year Written Guarantee

Luxurious Finish

Durable, Clean, Smooth, Bright Gloss

Over 1 Million

Bathtubs, Tiles, Sinks and  

Showers Beautifully Refinished

No Harmful Isocyanates 

frequently used in the Industry

Proprietary Technology 

Little to No Overspray or Smell


Experience The Difference

Residential or Commercial. We Make It All Beautiful. Restored with Impeccable Detail.

Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

Lock Out Moisture. With our Perma Trim caulking, your tub & tile are sealed and watertight. You'll never need to grout or silicone again.

Sink  Refinishing

Pay 75% less to refinish your bathroom or kitchen sink. You won't be able to tell the difference!

Shower Resurfacing

Our simple two-step refinishing process will remove stains, grime, and unsightly residue from your old acrylic shower or bath, creating a clean beautiful finish. 

Shower Base Resurfacing

Transform your stained or worn bathroom into a clean, modern, beautiful sanctuary. 

Clawfoot Tub Resurfacing

Restore your clawfoot bathtub with our glossy, durable finish that is guaranteed to last.

Chip Repair

Chips, Scratches, Peeling Tubs or Fixtures

are no problem for Mend A Bath International.  

Save Money And Time While Reducing The Impact On The Environment.

No Hassles, No Mess And Ready To Use After Just 24 Hours.


Love Your Home

with Mend A Bath International

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